Avoid these leak detection mistakes

Use the correct color fluorescence to avoid misinterpretation

The right color of fluorescence is one of the key factors for reliable, fast and cost-optimized leak detection as an

Use safe, appropriate health and safety equipment for leak detection

In daily industrial use, safe protective equipment is the key, so that the user can efficiently carry out his activities

Choose the right leak detection system and equipment based on your leak detection application

Industrial leaks cost you and your customers a lot of money every day Achieve greater security and reduce costs with

Avoid expensive follow-up costs, let a full-service provider advise you directly on your individual testing situation

In addition to competent advice, we support our customers from the selection of the dye, the evaluation of the

Do not underestimate the influence of the quality of the UV lamp on your test result

The quality of the UV lamp is particularly a key factor in the fluorescent leak detection regarding quality assurance. Not