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Use the correct color fluorescence to avoid misinterpretation

The right color of fluorescence is one of the key factors for reliable, fast and cost-optimized leak detection as an industrial quality assurance process.

Only if the critical fluorescent indicators differ significantly from correctly present fluorescents, there is the possibility to rule out confusion, misinterpretation or ignorance.

  • any misinterpretation significantly reduces the quality of the inspection and increases the costs
  • furthermore, a clear colour contrast prevents the fatigue of the users

Here at you will get a wide selection of fluorescent dyes. We help you with the selection so that you can work optimally:

FS-818 universal fluorescent dye for almost all applications:

For multi-circuit systems, we are happy to advise you regarding the additional leak detection dyes to be used:

And here is an overview of water-soluble dyes for leak detection in water- and glycol-based liquid systems:

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