Leak detection set consisting of the TC1 flashlight, UV safety goggles, battery pack, charger and connection cable.
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Do not underestimate the influence of the quality of the UV lamp on your test result

The quality of the UV lamp is particularly a key factor in the fluorescent leak detection regarding quality assurance.

Not everything that stimulates fluorescence also allows good or at least sufficient detectability of fluorescent leak indicators. However, anything that allows good recognizability also stimulates fluorescence.

It is an extreme difference whether you can detect fluorescent leak indicators with a high-performance UV LED light easily, fatigue-free and safely, or whether you have to search for them laboriously, long-time and tiring.

Many of our customers are completely surprised when they first get to know our SECU-CHEK UV-LED luminaires, how much the performance, illumination, homogeneity, reliability and handiness of the UV LED luminaire can influence the following factors.

If you have never experienced and seen the possibilities of a good UV LED lamp in practice, it is the case that the differences can be truly immense. It is partially tested with a bad UV LED lamp heavy and tedious, although it could be totally easy with the right UV lamp.

1. Cost and test speed
The test speed is one of the biggest cost drivers in leak detection. With flat illumination, the test time can be significantly reduced, while the quality of the error detection increases significantly. It is therefore tested faster and better if the UV light allows the user to use his full vision correctly.

2. Reliability and process security

In the fluorescent test, you assume that everything is fine if you don’t have an indicator. Therefore, the reliable conduction of the UV light is a critical prerequisite for a safe and reliable leak detection.

Since the test process is based on the assumption that all fluorescent leaks can be seen easily and reliably, the reliability of the UV-LED lamp is the most critical factor, whether leaks are detected or not.

Thus, it happens again and again to users with the use of inadequate UV lights that physically existing displays with the unreliable luminaire are not detected, because they were not illuminated due to a malfunction or a weak battery, but no longer in the required UV intensity for detecting the leakage. These faulty test results are excluded for all SECU-CHEK UV-LED luminaires, as these would always switch off for safety purposes during battery operation before the intensity would drop due to a weak battery.

One thing you can’t see, but it’s extremely important for a reliable process.

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