FFS-485 intensive blue fluorescent dye for leak detection in oily systems, solvent-free

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LS-FFS485-GB-8-25 Small container 8x25ml
LS-FFS485-GB-8-30 Small container 8x30ml
LS-FFS485-GB-24-30 Small container 24x30ml
LS-FFS485-GB-6-50 Small container 6x50ml
LS-FFS485-GB-18-50 Small container 18x50ml
LS-FFS485-GB-05 0.5 liter dosing bottle
LS-FFS485-GB-5 5 liter canister
  • for leak detection in synthetic and mineral oil-based systems as well as fuels (oily media, etc.)
  • replaces OIL-GLO 45 P
  • similar characteristics like OIL-GLO ULTRA BLUE (SPI-OGB or OIL-GLO 45P)
Larger purchase quantities are available (20l, 60l, 200l barrels and 1,000l IBC tanks) as well as call-off orders and special bottlings (e.g. for simple, fast and safe dosing in series production): Make an individual request now: Contact


Simply add FFS-485 to the system in the appropriate quantity and allow it to circulate for at least 5 min.

Reduce ambient brightness as much as possible and examine all areas using a UV light or blue light system

Recommended dosage: 0.1 – 0.8% depending on the intensity of the carrier fluid.

30 ml FFS-485 are sufficient for approximately:
30 l light, liquid oils, such as hydraulic oil
15 l thicker, darker oils, such as compressor oil, dark hydraulic and lubricating fluids
11 l engine oil or 3.75 l gear oil

Application examples
Whether you need to seal (and find) an oil leak on a agricultural machine, or maintain the sealing rings or find any other oil loss. Leak detection with the fluorescent UV dye FFS-485 is suitable for all types of oily media. Synthetic oil, biodegradable oil, lubricating oil, etc. are suitable for use in combination with our fluorescent dye. Especially in agriculture, expensive machine failures in tractors, combine harvesters, seeding machines and ploughs should be avoided. It is possible to make a preventive maintenance with our leak detection system. Simply add the fluorescent dye to the oil and then regularly check for outlet points at the appropriate points with the UV lamp. The leaks are easily detectable due to UV fluorescence and thus ensure that repairs and sealing can be carried out quickly. The cheaper universal solution as an alternative to: OIL-GLO ULTRA BLUE Fluorescent dye (SPI-OGB / OIL-GLO 45) – leak detection / leak detection oily systems

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