FS-818 SGB high-intensity yellow fluorescent universal dye for unrestricted leak detection in all oily systems, solvent-free


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TOPSELLER – Cheaper and easier to use and significantly more intense fluorescence than conventional fluorescent dyes. Universal for all common applications incl. Aviation, fuels etc. suitable!

  • for leak detection in ANY synthetic and mineral oil-based systems as well as fuels (oily media etc.)
  • significantly increased luminosity compared to FFS-280 (comparable to OIL-GLO 20 P)
  • similar but significantly stronger fluorescence display characteristics like OIL-GLO ULTRA YELLOW (SPI-OGY or OIL-GLO 20P)
Größere Abnahmemengen als Großgebinde (20l, 60l, 200l Fässer und 1.000l IBC Tanks) sowie Abrufaufträge und Sonderabfüllungen (z.B. für einfache, schnelle und sichere Dosierung in der Serienfertigung) bieten wir Ihnen gerne individuell an: Jetzt  individuelle Anfrage stellen  


Simply add FS-818 SGB to the system in the appropriate amount and at least 5 min. circulate.

Reduce ambient brightness as much as possible and examine all areas using a UV light or blue light system

Recommended dosage: 0.1 – 0.8% depending on the intensity of the carrier fluid.

30 ml FS-818 SGB are sufficient for approx:
30 l light, liquid oils, such as hydraulic oil
15 l thicker, darker oils, such as compressor oil, dark hydraulic and lubricating fluids
11 l engine oil or 3.75 l gear oil

Application examples:
Shock absorber leaking on the excavator – you can easily find oil leakage with the high-intensity yellow fluorescent UV dye FS-818. The fluorescent dye is suitable for all types of construction machinery, tractors and leaky hydraulic systems, brakes and braking systems, but also gearboxes. You can find the oil leakage very easily and can significantly reduce the oil consumption in your machine park. With the universal UV dye FS-818 you have the right product to be able to color oil, for example hydraulic oil. Maintain your machines regularly and reduce oil consumption by easily detecting any oil leakage preventively. The cheaper universal solution as an alternative to: OIL-GLO ULTRA YELLOW fluorescent dye (SPI-OGY / OIL-GLO 20) – leak detection / leak detection oily systems

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