Spectroline Optimax-450/F LED Blue Light Flashlight OPX-450 incl. Filter glass goggles

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The Spectroline Optimax 450 (OPX-450) is a wireless inspection lamp with versatile features:

• High-intensity 450 nm blue light LED
• without UV radiation: patented dichroic thin film lens for filtering out long-wave visible light
• yellow goggles with yellow filter for optimal contrast
• Max. Battery life 1.5 hours with ongoing operation
• Blue light intensity of 7,000 x W/cm2 at 38cm distance
• Lamp body black anodized

Actinic blue light for fluorescence excitation, which is filtered away for the eye by the filter glasses. Allows fluorescent displays to be evaluated in the dark and in low daylight. Does not (yet) meet the requirements of the relevant NDT standards, but especially for leak detection a very useful companion.



The Spectroline Optimax-450/F has an LED lifespan of approx. 50,000 hours. The SPECTRO-UV technology ensures a constant performance with consistently the same illumination intensity regardless of the current battery power. The Optimax 450 blue light lamp is suitable for immediate operation, i.e. can be used immediately after switching on without restriction.
Practice-oriented: super-light and ergonomically shaped against signs of fatigue. Housing shatterproof and designed for harsh use in industry.

Especially in the area of NDT, only UV-A lamps (black light lamps) are used, so that the magnetic powder test, crack testing, etc. can be carried out properly. The Spectroline Optimax 450 blue light lamp solves the problem of UV safety, as it does not emit UV radiation with the blue light. The Optimax OPX450 lamp is therefore not a complete ZfP alternative due to the standards and industry standards, but can save you a lot of effort depending on the application and support you for a quick pre-inspection even in daylight. Therefore, the Optimax 450 (OPX-450) is increasingly in demand in many areas such as leak detection/leak detection and is a constant companion of the inspectors.

450nm blue light set consisting of the following positions:

  • OPX-450 LED Inspection Lamp
  • Yellow filter contrast glasses
  • Belt holder
  • Charger
  • robust, padded OPX-450 case


Application examples:
Non-destructive material testing (NDT), quality control, fluorescent leak detection / leak detection, document testing in the field of unique sequins, letter maraken, art, fluorescent crack testing, magnetic powder testing and much more.

Production and development: Spectroline (Spectronics/SPECTRO-UV)

Technical Data

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 10 cm
Weight of OPX-450 lamp

11.8 oz (335 g)

Length of OPX-450 lamp

8.0 in ( 20.3 cm)

Runtime (continuous)

1.5 hours

Charging time

4 hours