High-quality UV goggles SECU-CHEK UPG-2, large field of view, frameless, also suitable for spectacle wearers, clear, UV400


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  • all around 100% UV protection (UV400), also from above and on the sides
  • extra large, unrestricted field of view with excellent optical quality
  • UV goggles ideal for evaluating fluorescent crack tests (NDT) in dark rooms
  • non-fluorescent (also especially without micro-reflections!), not reflective
  • maximum wearing comfort due to length- and tilt-adjustable brackets
  • also suitable for spectacle wearers, pressure-free seat on the nose
  • including high-quality, black non-fluorescent microfiber cloth (no fluorescent parts!)
  • UV goggles classified as personal protective equipment (PPE) according to DIN EN 166 F & EN 170 (CE compliant). ANSI compliant.


Our high-quality SECU-CHEK UV goggles offer maximum protection with optimal wearing comfort. UV radiation is completely intercepted. Highest optical quality made of polycarbonate for clear view and minimal impairment, frameless design with large pane for maximum viewing area and large field of vision. No fluroescence due to UV radiation even on the glasses. The goggles are ideal for evaluating fluorescent crack tests (NDT) in dark rooms. The flexible handles can be individually adjusted and thus offer excellent wearing comfort. The soft nose rest guarantees a pressure-free fit and at the same time prevents the glasses from slipping. The UV goggles have a scratch-resistant coating. The high-quality, transparent eyeglass (without tinting) ensures an absolutely clear view.

  • Protective goggles ideal for the evaluation of fluorescent crack tests (NDT)
  • Optimized, maximum UV protection for crack tests (tight-closing goggles)
  • 100% UV protection for the eyes (protective goggles laboratory)
  • Clear view through high-quality viewing windows without tint
  • Buy safety goggles online: robust and scratch-resistant with the SECU-CHEK UPG-2
  • No fluorescence due to UV radiation (UV goggles)
  • UV safety goggles according to EN166 (Personal protective equipment (PPE), e.g. for light grinding or milling work)
  • Protective goggles for spectacle wearers: unrestricted field of vision, the own glasses is covered by the UV-protective goggles
  • High wearing comfort due to length and tilt adjustable eyeglass brackets
  • Buy lightweight goggles with high wearing comfort and pressure-free fit on the nose through soft, comfortable nose rest
  • Protective goggles NDT: developed by NDT experts for NDT professionals
  • CE-compliant and ANSI compliant UV goggles
  • Adjustable handles provide maximum comfort with these tight-closing UV goggles

Usage Examples:
This high-quality UV safety goggles according to EN 170 can be used in many areas, be it in the non-destructive testing (NDT) or in the field of laboratory work/chemistry: due to its unrestricted field of vision, the chemistry laboratory safety goggles are well suited for all activities and meets the requirements also for black light. This UV goggles can also be used for crack tests with Eagle-Eye UV-LED luminaires. In short, whether you need to work splash-proof or UV-protected, SECU-CHEK UPG-2 goggles allow you to work relaxed and safe and focus on your work without fatigue.

Technical Data

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 10 cm
UV protective filter

UV 400


CE (EN 166 & EN 170)



Download User Manual UV Goggles UPG2-KS ZfP/NDT SECU-CHEK

This eye protection complies with the safety requirements of European Regulation 89/686/CEE with regard to individual protective equipment and has been manufactured in accordance with EN166:2001 and EN 170:2002 and EN-172:1994 standards. SECU-CHEK safety goggles meet the reference standards. The CE designation and the number of the EN standard is mandatory with the various symbols of the corresponding area.

Standards for application types: Code Gradation
Welding filter EN-169 - 1,2 – 16
Ultraviolet filter (color detection may be affected) EN-170 2 1,2 – 1,4
Ultraviolet filter (good color recognition) EN-170 3 1,2 – 5,0
Infrared filter EN-171 4 1,2 – 10
Sun protection filter without infrared specification EN-172 5 1,1 – 4,1
Sun protection filter with infrared specification EN-172 6 1,1 – 4,1
Surface resistance to small particles K
Resistance to fogging of the glasses N
Resistance to fogging of the glasses O
Origin lens V
Room temperature: 0 - 35°C Humidity: 30 - 70%

Maintenance / Duration / Disposal: The duration of use of the safety goggles depends on the type of use, the handling of the product and the maintenance. We recommend that you keep these goggles in an appropriate case when not in use. If the frame is damaged, replace the entire item. When disposing of waste, national regulations must be observed.

  Glass marking:
  • Scale No. (only for filters)
  • Manufacturer identification
  • Optical Class 1
  • Symbol of strength F
  • Protection level 2C-1.2

Frame marking:
  • Manufacturer identification
  • Number of this standard EN166F / EN170F / ANSI Z87

If S, F, B, and A symbols on glasses and frames are not the same, the lower symbol must be taken as a factor for all eye protection. The letter T after the strength symbol allows the use of energy-rich particles with extremely high temperatures. If the T designation is missing, ambient temperature is assumed.

Increased strength and symbols for high-speed particles (glass and frame designations) S Increased strength ( 12m/s)
Q Low energy shock ( 45m/s)
B Low energy shock ( 120m/s)
A Low energy shock ( 190m/s)
Symbols for the optical class: (glass and frame designations) 1 Optical Class 1 Continuous use
2 Optical Class 2 Medium use
3 Optical Class 3 Short-term use
Application icons: 3 Liquid drops or splashes (frame)
4 Large dust particles > 5 microns (frame)
5 Gases and small dust particles < 5 microns (frame)
8 Short-circuit spark arc (frames and glasses)
9 molten metal and hot solids (frames and glasses)