WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE fluorescent dye (SPI-WGB / WATER-GLO 801) - leak detection / leak detection of aqueous systems

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SPI-WGB-1P6 / WATER-GLO 801/6 Pack of 6-1 oz. (30 ml) bottles
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SPI-WGB-32 / WATER-GLO 801-Q 32 oz. (946 ml) bottle
SPI-WGB-1G / WATER-GLO 801-G 1 gallon (4 L) container

WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE from Spectroline is a water-soluble dye for leak detection in water- and glycol-based fluid systems. It works in both static and circulating systems, such as boilers, hot water heaters, pumps, cooling systems, etc.

WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE is only visible under UV-A radiation and glows blue. In addition, the dye does not change the color of the host fluid. Liquid systems do not need to be replaced. The dye does not change the characteristics of the liquids.

  • fluoresces blue under UV light
  • even fluoresces when dried
  • further designations: Spectroline WD-801 or WATER-GLO 801
  • alternative BestBuy products with a top price / performance ratio: SECU-CHEK WFS-81 or SECU-CHEK WFS-83
Larger purchase quantities are available (1Gallon (19l), 60l, 200l barrels and 1,000l IBC tanks) as well as call-off orders and special bottlings (e.g. for simple, fast and safe dosing in series production): Make an individual request now: Contact


Simply add Spectroline WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE fluorescent dye to the system in the appropriate quantity and allow it to circulate for at least 5 min.

Reduce ambient brightness as much as possible and examine all areas using a UV light or blue light system After repairing and cleaning the leaks with degreaser or the usual cleaner, simply run and check the system again.

Recommended dosage:
5ml WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE to 20 liters of water
30 ml WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE to 120 l water
120 ml WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE to 480 l water
240 ml WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE to 960 l water
500 ml WATER-GLO ULTRA BLUE to 2000 l water

Store dark and cool (below 40°C).

Application examples:
Areas of application of the Spectroline WD-801 are the combine harvester leak detection, emergency power generator leakage, leakage locating drive unit and much more. The blue fluorescence is water-soluble, easy to mix and ideally suited for water-based circulatory systems. Further areas of application are, for example: roller leak repair, milling machine hydraulic leak, stop fuel contamination, leak detection device water. Our leak detection system helps you to stop contamination from leaking valves and seals and to permanently save hydraulic fluid etc. As an alternative with the same properties in terms of quality etc. at a lower price, we recommend: WFS-81 blue fluorescent dye for leak detection in aqueous systems, solvent-free

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1 gallon (4 L) container, 16 oz. (473 ml) bottle, 32 oz. (946 ml) bottle, 5 gallon (19 L) container, 55 gallon (208 L) barrel, 8 oz. (237 ml) bottle, Pack of 6-1 oz. (30 ml) bottles