WFS-82 green fluorescent dye for leak detection in aqueous systems, solvent-free

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WFS-82 from SECU-CHEK is a water-soluble dye for leak detection in water- and glycol-based fluid systems. It works in both static and circulating systems, such as boilers, hot water heaters, pumps, cooling systems, etc.

WFS-82 is only visible under UV-A radiation and glows green. In addition, the dye does not change the color of the host fluid. Liquid systems that contain SECU-CHEK products for leak detection do not need to be replaced. The dye does not change the characteristics of the liquids.

  • replaces Spectroline WD-802
  • similar characteristics like WATER-GLO ULTRA GREEN (SPI-WGG or WATER-GLO 802)
Larger purchase quantities are available (20l, 60l, 200l barrels and 1,000l IBC tanks) as well as call-off orders and special bottlings (e.g. for simple, fast and safe dosing in series production): Make an individual request now: Contact


Simply add WFS-82 to the system in the appropriate quantity and allow it to circulate for at least 5 min. Reduce ambient brightness as much as possible and examine all areas using a UV light or blue light system
After repairing and cleaning the leaks with degreaser or the usual cleaner, simply run and check the system again.

Recommended dosage:
5ml WFS-83 to 20 liters of water
30 ml WFS-83 to 120 l water
120 ml WFS-83 to 480 l water
240 ml to 960 l of water
500 ml to 2000 l of water

Store dark and cool (below 40°C).

Application examples:
Leak search and leak location for water-based circulation systems: Find water leaks in cooling units, the turbine loses hydraulic fluid and much more. Finding hairline cracks is very easy with the WFS-82 UV dye and a UV LED lamp. Prevent accidents and downtime by examining your systems such as valves and seals for hairline cracks early on. Pour WFS-82 into the fluid circuit and mix, then after a short time you can use UV light to examine the relevant areas for fluorescence and reliably locate even the smallest leaks. The cheaper universal solution as an alternative to WD-802: WATER-GLO ULTRA GREEN fluorescent dye (SPI-WGG / WATER-GLO 802) – leak detection / leak detection of aqueous systems

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