BION 1 Li-Ion battery pack for UV Handlamps

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High-quality, high-performance battery pack in a robust aluminium housing. With integrated belt clip and carrying strap

Set: Battery pack + Charger + Power Cable



Set: Battery + Charger + Power Cable

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack for UV Handlamps. UV LED lights can thus be used on the go.

Variant for UVE lamps: 36V, 2,700 mAh, 97.2 Wh, for up to 12 hours of continuous operation. Battery charging time: 4 hours

Variant for UVN lamps: with 2,500 mAh

Variant for UVS lamps: with 2,200 mAh

Same weight (1.1 kg (2.4 lbs)) as other commercially available external NiMH battery packs.

The battery pack is protected by a robust aluminium housing and comes with an integrated belt clip and carrying strap.


Application examples
The SECU-CHEK BION 1 lithium-ion battery pack supports you in the daily work of leak detection, so that you are mobile and able to operate freely with your high-power UV LED lamp. This allows you to perform leak detection anywhere even in hard-to-reach places. Imagine construction equipment such as a crane or large bulldozers, etc., or you need to detect a leak on a ship’s diesel engine, etc. The application possibilities for the battery pack with the UV-LED lamp are versatile due to the additional mobility. For every professional user in the industrial sector, the BION battery pack is therefore the right investment for easy leak detection.

Technical Data

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm
Operating time

up to 12 hours of continuous operation

Battery charging time

4 hours


36 Volts


2,200 mAh / 2,500 mAh / 2,700 mAh


97.2 Wh


13 x 10 x 5cm