UVS368 TC103 F - UV-LED torch 368nm (1 UV-LED) - leak detection set

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UVS368 TC103 F – 368nm flashlight with 1 UV LED

• Immediately ready for use at full intensity
• Automatic switch-off function before loss of intensity
• Max. Battery life 2.5 hours
• In a set including charger with 2 rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and UV protective glasses



Set consisting of the following items:
UVS368-TC103-SP-F UV LED flashlight 368 nm ± 5 nm, surface radiating spot
UPG2-KS UV protective goggles, optimized for fluorescent crack testing, over glasses, individually in a box, incl. High quality microfiber cleaning cloth
TC1-LA1 Li-ion battery with safety circuit for SECU-CHEK TC1 flashlights
TC1-LK2-TC1LA1-3C8SB Charger for 2 TC1-LA1Li-ion batteries of the SECU-CHEK TC1 flashlights

+ optionally with a robust plastic case for a surcharge


Wavelength peak: 368 (± 5) nm
Type of power supply: Battery operated
Dimensions: 3.8cm (2.5cm) x 16cm
UV-A-Intensity in 15 inch (38cm) distance: 4800 uW / cm²
Total weight: 217g
Number of batteries: 2
Cooling: passive
Battery life BION one: 4 hours
Battery type: Li-ion
Number of batteries: 1
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Protection class: IP 60
Protection class: III (Protective low voltage)
Drop in UV-A radiation intensity at the edge: fluently
Number of UV LEDs: 1
Battery life: 2.5 hours


Application examples:
Leak detection system consisting of UV-LED flashlight incl. all necessary equipment to start directly with the leak detection or other applications in NDT (non-destructive testing). Examples of applications include: Hydraulic cylinder stop oil loss, bulldozer loses oil, maintenance oil leakage, excavator loses transmission oil, hydraulic press find hairline cracks, reduce oil loss in hydraulics, construction machinery leak test, hydraulic slide valve easier oil loss, repair leakage construction site machine and much more.

Manufacturing and development: SECU-CHEK

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