FFS-580 intensive red fluorescent dye for leak detection in oily systems, solvent-free

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LS-FFS580-GR-8-25 Small container 8x25ml
LS-FFS580-GR-8-30 Small container 8x30ml
LS-FFS580-GR-24-30 Small container 24x30ml
LS-FFS580-GR-6-50 Small container 6x50ml
LS-FFS580-GR-18-50 Small container 18x50ml
LS-FFS580-GR-05 0.5 liter dosing bottle
LS-FFS580-GR-5 5 liter canister
  • for leak detection in synthetic and mineral oil-based systems as well as fuels (oily media, etc.)
  • replaces OIL-GLO 50 P
  • similar characteristics like OIL-GLO ULTRA RED (SPI-OGR or OIL-GLO 50P)
Larger purchase quantities are available (20l, 60l, 200l barrels and 1,000l IBC tanks) as well as call-off orders and special bottlings (e.g. for simple, fast and safe dosing in series production): Make an individual request now: Contact


Simply add FFS-580 to the system in the appropriate quantity and allow it to circulate for at least 5 min.

Reduce ambient brightness as much as possible and examine all areas using a UV light or blue light system After repairing and cleaning the leaks, simply run the system again and check.

Recommended dosage: 0.05 – 0.8% depending on the intensity of the carrier liquid.

30 ml FFS-580 are sufficient for approx:
30 l light, liquid oils, such as hydraulic oil
15 l thicker, darker oils, such as compressor oil, dark hydraulic and lubricating fluids
11 l engine oil or 3.8 l gear oil

Store in a dark and cool place (between 5 ° C and 40 ° C).

Application examples:
Finding oil leaks quickly and easily – the possibilities are almost inexhaustible, we list a few here: motorcycle oil leakage, car leak detection, differential gear leak detection, lubricating the sweeper, petrol / fuel leaks. Prevent lower productivity by protecting your machines and hydraulic systems with the leak detection systems from SECU-CHEK. FFS-580 is an intensely red fluorescent UV dye from the range of leak detection systems. With it as an aid, you can work directly as a leak detector and discover and repair leaks on any engine, valve, seal and other hydraulic system. Alternative product with intense yellow fluorescence: FS-818 SGB high-intensity yellow fluorescent universal dye for unrestricted leak detection in all oily systems, solvent-free

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