UVE 365 H1A-18 (W) FL / FO - UV LED hand lamp for leak detection


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SKU: UVE365 H1A-18 (W) FL/FO

UV LED Handlamp for critical applications. With white light function. Qualified according to ASTM E-3022 and AITM 6-1001. Extremely even illumination area.



Professional UV LED Floodlight with innovative white light function, qualified according to Acc. RRES 90061, ASTM E-3022 and AITM 6-1001.

• Clear view and clear evaluation due to extremely uniform illumination range
• No blind spots
• Gentle radiation drop

Comparison of the illumination area UVE365 Handlamp and ordinary, simple UV LED lamps

* Optional: Integrated high-end white light

• Highest light quality CRI: Ra ≥ 90
• Optimal color temperature (5,700 K) for examining metallic surfaces
• Very even illumination with a gentle decrease in radiation (no hot spots)
• White light can be set by the user during the test by intuitively operating the rotary knob
• Automatic dimming of the white light in addition to UV (UV + VIS) and instead of UV (fade to VIS)

This luminaire allows both close and long working distances. The luminaire shows no visual inequalities at a very short distance from 8 cm (3.15 in) and can also reliably illuminate larger distances of up to 2 m (depending on the respective application and individual requirements).

Application examples:
The H1 UV-LED lamp supports you in locating leaks, for example if the construction machine loses transmission oil, oil leaks on an agricultural machine or you have to seal the hydraulic valves. In conjunction with the UV fluorescent dye, you can find the leak very quickly, with the colored oil you can even regularly check the relevant seals and valves and see immediately with the fluorescence if there is a leak. This gives you the perfect leak warning tool, the UV handlamp for leak detection can reduce your oil consumption and prevent machine breakdowns. With our leakage warning set you work in an environmentally friendly way and save repairs and money. Leak detection mini UV flashlight as an alternative: UVS368 TC103 F – UV-LED torch 368nm (1 UV-LED) – leak detection set

Technical Data

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 12 cm
UV intensity (max. In 38 cm | 15 in.)

≥ 3,000 µW / cm²

Usable illumination area (≥ 100 µW / cm² in 38cm | 15 in.)


Central illumination area (≥ 1,200 µW / cm² in 38cm | 15 in.)


Peak wavelength

365nm ± 5nm (always during use)

Number of UV LEDs


Risk class EM-6 (DGZfP)


Certified ambient temperature range

5 ° to 50 ° C (40 ° to 122 ° F)